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Juz 30 – Hafidz Quiz


The Holy Qur`an is the words of Allah nothing to it any equivalent, it was revealed to Prophet Muhammad Peace be Upon Him, the seal of all prophets and apostles, mediated by the Angel Gabriel and was written on the sheets (mus-haf). The book was then conveyed to us through large chain of narrators of hadith. Reciting and learning the Holy Book is worship. Started with Surah Al Fatihah and ended with Surah An-Naas, the Holy Quran serves as guidance to the believers and cautious people.This Juz 30 – Hafidz Quiz is set up to examine your memory quality on Quran. There are 127 questions with three alternative answers. There are two types of question: first, you will have to choose the correct fragment of ayat/verse: in what surah and in what number of verse. Second, you will have to guess the correct recital/pronunciation of surah and ayah as given.
This is how to play it1. Push play2. The quiz is consisted of 127 questions.3. Some alternative choices resemble one to another. It takes preciseness to choose the correct answer.4. Choose one correct answer to all questions put forth to you randomly. If you choose the correct answer push next level.5. You lose, If you make three mistakes, .6. To replay, please push the ‘try again’ button and answer other different questions we have randomized 7. If you are able to answer 127 questions, you win this quiz8. To try over the other interactive games (guessing verse fragment from Juz 1 to Juz 30, tajweed quiz, guessing precise verses or surah from Juz 1 to Juz 30 of Quran) you can push ‘more games’ button on the first screen display.
Hopefully that this application will be useful in exercising Quran memorization to hafiz/hafizah and those who are willing to memorize the Quran.Happy learning! May Allah bless us! Ameen… ^_^